Water Properties and Equine Hydrotherapy

by Grainne Ni Chaba-Byrne, IEH CHAIR, CertClinEd(AccMdx), CertAT, CESMT, CKTP-E, HNDEqS, MKTAI-E, CertPPO, MRAMP, MIRVAP(VP)(MT)(IEH) What is Water? Water is colourless, odourless, and tasteless. It is made up of billions of molecules. Each molecule is V shaped and is made up of chemical elements – one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms, held together by Covalent Bonds. Water can exist in three states – Liquid (Flowing), Solid (ice), Vapour (Steam). Properties of Water Buoyancy is an upward force on an object produced by the surrounding water. If, the downward gravity is greater than the upward force an object will sink. If,...

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