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VET Festival 2018 Delivers on Promise

Delivers on promise to provide new and inspiring paradigm of CPD for veterinary professionals

ON Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June, VET Festival, in partnership with Centaur Services, returned for its fourth year delivering ‘Veterinary Education for Tomorrow’ to a record number of over 1700 delegates in attendance across the two days. The two-day outdoor conference held at Loseley Park, Guildford, truly lived up to its name as it provided unparalleled inspiration and education of the highest possible standard.

Held in a fun, festival environment, VET Festival featured over 35 international speakers that delivered the most relevant CPD applicable to small animal practice today, supported by 40 leading exhibitors.

Delegate feedback from VET Festival 2018:

“The best veterinary event in Europe!” Vet Surgeon

“Best vet conference I’ve been to in 32 years!” Vet Surgeon

“Brilliant atmosphere full of inspiration and love.” Hydrotherapist

“Innovative, progressionist and refreshing concept for vet CPD and support (wellness) in a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere. Worth the money! Unique. Consulting Pathologist Super fun, relaxed andcompletely different to other conferences!” Vet Nurse

“A breath of fresh air – literally!” Vet Nurse

Continuing the theme of the event from 2017, the theme of ‘Wellness’ was truly at the heart of the festival.

Delegates enjoyed a collegiate, relaxed and vibrant atmosphere with a Wellness Hub, festival games and healthy food to enjoy between lectures.

Founder of The VET Festival, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick personally selected all of the speakers for their enthusiasm and dedication to veterinary education.

The programme featured Orthopaedics, Neurology, Oncology & Soft Tissue, Nursing, Internal Medicine, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Critical Care & Anaesthesia, Exotics & Behaviour, Feline Medicine & Surgery, Rehabilitation and Wellness & Team Building streams.

Centaur Services were the Headline Partner of VET Festival 2018 who supported the conference theme of Wellness, and sponsored the Wellness and Team Building stream.

Once the lectures ended on Friday, the VETFest Conversation took place between Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and special guest Jonathan Ross OBE.

The atmosphere was attentive as the pair shared some intimate insight into their lives and shared their views on how being connected to other people transcends industries and backgrounds and that everyone should be kinder, and more supportive of one another.

Afterwards the music began for

delegates to unwind with friends and colleagues at the VETFest™ Party Night. Acts included Radio 2 DJ James Carpenter, and popular band MadHen who went down a storm.

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick said: “We are absolutely buzzing after an incredible two days in Loseley Park for VET Festival 2018. We could not have asked for more, inspiring top class lectures, sunshine, and an all-round feeling of comradery and togetherness to celebrate the veterinary profession. I am grateful to everyone who worked so hard to create this unique and special conference which has great purpose and meaning behind everything it stands for. We sincerely want to support each and every member of the profession and all of the companion animals we’re lucky enough to serve.

You have to be there to feel it. I would urge everyone who came this year to tell their friends and colleagues about their experience, because we really do want this field to become a destination for everything that’s wonderful about our great profession. We want to get better every year.

We promise to always listen. What you want this event to be, we will aim to provide. We also promise to never lose sight of why we do this at all. We will always strive to deliver what will be of tangible value to folks in all aspects of our profession, both personally and professionally. Wellness and looking after each other for the greater good will always be a core theme alongside outstanding CPD in a relaxed and fun outdoor setting.

It is time to blow away the myth that learning isn’t always engaging and fun. It absolutely can and should be! Let’s do what makes us happy, and invest in ourselves and the future of companion animal practice. This sense of community, compassion and collegiate learning was evidenced in abundance by everyone who was in the field 8th and 9th of June this year.”

animal therapy mediaanimal therapy mediaanimal therapy mediaFor the third year running, Animal Therapy Magazine was delighted to partner the VET Festival. It really is a fabulous event and thankfully we had brilliant weather.

Professor Noel FitzPatrick's vision of this festival is to combine learning with, well basically Glastonbury and although Beyonce is yet to headline, the bands that perform definitely get the crowd going. I'm pretty sure I saw Noel stage dive at one point! The Animal Therapy team kept their feet firmly on the ground but I think we all pulled some moves, and muscles we didn't know we had!

Pre and post dancing, the lectures were brilliant. Whilst rehabilition is a great focus of ours, the festival covers so much, Neurology and orthopaedics, Soft tissue surgery, Feline Medicine, Veterinary Nursing, oncology and wellness to name a few. You can even get a massage and do a yoga session mid way through the day if you feel the need to unwind.

The Animal Therapy team witnessed fantastic talks from the man himself, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, Chris Zink who has a real passion and huge amounts of experience in the canine

agility world, and Ellen Martens who is a brilliant physiothearpist. They were all valuable lectures where we all took so much away.

We mustn't forget the exhibitors. A great mixture of stands all of whom are very relvent to the veterinary and therapy world. As ever, from our point of view, we get to speak to and meet like minded professionals and understand exciting advances in devices, medicine and techniques. You really can never stop learning.

The key note speakers always bring foward intersting discussions and this year was no different. Although we know Jonathan Ross MBE as an interviewer and TV personality, he really brought down to earth the stuggles, frustrations and pressure he deals with at work, just like you and me. It's very easy to forget that being on TV is his job, it's work, and he can get himself in situations that take a lot of tact, empathy and understanding to resolve, I'm sure we can all relate to that! His stories were both thought provoking and hilarious, a great finish to day 1 of the festival.

So, if this hasn't convinced you to come next year, I don't know what will. Each year it gets bigger and better so we can not wait to see what's on in 2019.