Understanding and Utilising LED Phototherapy in Veterinary and Animal Therapy Practice

Danetre Health introduces Phototherapy CPD Courses

by Anna Webb on behalf of Photizo

Broadcaster, Author, Trainer has studied natural nutrition and therapies with the College of Integrated Veterinary Therapies (CIVT)


District Nurse Carla Finzel.

Danetre Health Products, the sole UK distributor for Photizo, is delighted to announce its new fully approved CPD courses on Phototherapy. Teaming up with ThinkTree Hub, a new International Professional Association with an educational platform, exclusively brings together the worlds of medicine, therapy and wellness.

Danetre Health’s Phototherapy CPD courses have been approved by ThinkTree Hub. These courses will also receive international recognition and verification. Specifically designed to give practitioners both in practice and in the home a deeper understanding of Phototherapy, ‘photobiomodulation’ and its therapeutic uses when using LED devices as an alternative to laser.

Whilst many studies have concentrated on the effects delivered by laser devices, until now few have highlighted the enormous power of new generation LED (light emitting diode) light devices. These CPD courses will focus on the efficacy of modern LED tools, which unlike laser alternatives (depending on the classification), do not pose a risk to eyes or tissue.

Demonstrating comparable treatment results using visible red and infrared light with an appropriate dose, LED devices similarly offer the application of non-ionising therapeutic light, otherwise known as photon energy to stimulate cellular energy.

Advances in technology now enables high output LEDs to be deployed, which not only can provide comparable results as laser light, but also provide easy to use devices without the need for protective eye-wear.

The courses are an opportunity to learn about the benefits of red and infrared LED light on health. Plus to optimise how modern research has produced



the most effective wavelengths and dosage for therapeutic use. Enabling the clear navigation of scientific terminology, the courses will offer practical considerations for effective phototherapy.

In addition to explaining the differences between laser and LED light, the courses will focus on the concept, practical application and best practice of modern LED phototherapy devices.

Offering practical sessions using Photizo Vetcare, the course specifically for animal health and welfare professionals, highlights this unique hand-held LED device that is pioneering usage in veterinary practice, in animal physiotherapy and in holistic practice across the UK.

Photizo Vetcare is designed for home use as it is so simple and safe to use without training. However these CPD courses developed by Danetre Health will provide the platform to more advanced understanding in the emerging field of photo-biomodulation with modern LEDs.

The Photizo Vetcare device has so far set a precedent with modern LEDs in promoting natural healing across a host of musculoskeletal conditions, atopic skin issues and in accelerating wound healing.

Not least it’s portable design and pre-programmed 30 seconds doses of evidence based red and near-infrared LED light, which stimulate a deep bio-stimulatory effect at a cellular level.

Highlighting the need for Photizo’s new CPD courses, Chloe Parrett of C.M.P Therapies, enthused:

I’ve been using Photizo light therapy as an integrative tool for a while now and love it but would still like to learn more from all the latest research on emerging LED phototherapy. This CPD will be very useful for my practice to get the most out of using red light therapy in my practice

Ruth Milner, Danetre Health’s MD added: “We have been planning our CPD courses for sometime and we’re delighted to have partnered with ThinkTree Hub as the ideal professional platform. Our aim is to de-mystify Phototherapy as a modality as well as clearly defining the considerations for practitioners when choosing, utilising and recommending a modern LED phototherapy device. Studies and LED technology now means there is a safe, cost-effective and home use device solution which can be comparable to laser based counterparts”.

Together with ThinkTree Hub the courses have been designed with a thorough syllabus that ensures a structured approach to discovering the potential of Phototherapy from the theory, to the conditions it can treat through to valuable practical hands-on experience.

Visit Danetre Health’s website on the CPD courses:

Anna Webb