The use of Back on Track after Surgery & Veterinary physiotherapy treatment in Canines

by Danielle Barnes Pgd Vet physio

As a physiotherapist myself, I have a keen interest in the rehabilitation stage after surgery on our beloved pets.

Like any owner, putting a pet who is part of the family, through the risks involved in surgery, can be a daunting task. No one wants to see their pet in pain, nor confined to a crate as part of their rehabilitation process. Some may argue that as a physio this becomes easier, as you have somewhat more understanding of the surgery process and what to expect as a result. However, I can say categorically, that when it is your own fur baby facing the scalpel blade, all reason and previous experience goes out of the window quite quickly.

Recently I faced the daunting task of deciding whether to go with the surgical approach or more of a conservative approach when my own dog Minnie Mouse fell down the stairs and ruptured her cruciate ligament. After much reasoning with myself and with the support of my vet. I decided to go down the route of Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy (TPLO). This surgery requires a fair amount of postoperative rehabilitation, and physiotherapy which I carried out myself under referral from my orthopaedic surgeon. Minnie’s surgery as well as physio all went to plan, and the results were positive. However, in my role as a physiotherapist, I am always reading and try to keep up to date with products on the market, and was interested for a long time in the use of the Back on Track range of far infrared garments for horses, dogs and humans. I wondered how the ceramic technology in the design of Back on Track’s Welltex fabric would benefit my beloved pet.

I read up on Back on Track and learned about the wellbeing and circulatory benefits of far infrared technology. I also heard some wonderful feedback from people in the equine industry and then decided to give their products a go and purchased a Back on Track dog coat and mattress.

I decided to use Minnie’s Back on Track coat and mattress as part of her long-term rehabilitation plan and incorporated it in to the plan in the following ways: After any physio treatment, whilst Minnie’s muscles were warm, she would wear her coat indoors. When exercising Minnie outdoors in cold weather she would also wear her coat.

Minnie had Pulsed electronic magnetic field therapy (PEMF) as part of her rehab after surgery, and each day she received this treatment

through a PEMF mat underneath her Back on Track mattress. After her treatment ended Minnie could continue to sleep on it every night in her dog bed.

Since using the Back on Track products, Minnie gets up in the mornings less stiff and more mobile, she is keen to exercise, and play with my other dogs, and has a happier demeanour. I have definitely seen the benefits of Back on Track and will recommend their products to my clients.


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