Hydrotherapy pools have more than proved themselves when it comes to treating a variety of medical conditions in many different breeds of animal. But the treatment’s efficacy is only as good as the pool, its water content and the operator. Which is why an important diary date for early next year is Tuesday 30th January to Thursday 1st February when the UK’s leading annual pool and spa Exhibition, SPATEX 2018, takes place at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena.

If you’re an animal hydrotherapy practitioner or involved in the operation of animal hydrotherapy pools, spas and swimming pool facilities then SPATEX 2018 is a must-attend.

Being the UK’s only dedicated water leisure Exhibition, SPATEX attracts a high level of visitors from all manner of disciplines, including hydrotherapy experts, pool operators, architects, designers, specifiers, hoteliers, holiday parks, local authorities, leisure centers and spa owners and many more from around the world.

Water chemistry and balancing can be complex and it is subject to continual innovation which is why attending SPATEX, with its concentration of Industry experts, will help you stay ahead in your profession.

Update your skill set

So much more than just an Exhibition, SPATEX prides itself on providing a double seminar programme on all three days of the Show, packed full of free essential advice and training.

Led by esteemed experts from Industry bodies such as the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (ISPE), the wide variety of topics include guidance on the latest methods of water treatment and testing, commercial pool operation, covers, heating and ventilation, health and safety etc. All the seminars and workshops are free to attend and attendees are awarded CPD points and a certificate of attendance. For the extensive workshop and seminar programme please visit www.spatex.co.uk

Dedicated seminar

A dedicated seminar on water testing and how to maintain good water quality in animal hydrotherapy pools will be held on Tuesday 30th January 2pm in the Ricoh Arena’s Ericsson Exhibition Hall (arena 2). Led by Howard Gosling FISPE, the renowned expert on water chemistry and former Chairman of the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), the special presentation will focus on the Standards for non-human use pools. This will be followed by a question and answer session. The seminar is free to attend and all are welcome.

Howard says: “All forms of hydrotherapy including canine and equine are growing in popularity and demand for training courses has doubled in the last year. This free seminar is not to be missed!”

What’s new?

As the UK’s leading water Exhibition, SPATEX 2018 is the country’s largest showcase for all that is new and happening in pools and spas that are designed for all disciplines and demands. With well over a hundred companies exhibiting, from both home and abroad, the Show brings together under one roof all of the Industry’s major manufacturers and suppliers.

It’s the ideal hunting ground for new products and gives you access to the latest energy and time saving innovations for animal hydrotherapy pools. You can be sure if it’s new, you will see it at SPATEX 2018 first. Please go to www.spatex.co.uk for the impressive list of exhibitors.

The benefits of hydrotherapy

  • Non weight bearing exercise
  • Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Promotion of relaxation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration
  • Increase in range of motion of affected joints
  • Improved circulation

Horses for courses

For some medical conditions, normal weight bearing exercise may be difficult or impossible which is where the water’s buoyancy is ideal for providing support. Like pools used for humans, animal pools have their own specific set of rigorous guidelines that need to be observed in order to deliver effective treatment. For instance, good quality filtration is paramount with water turnover times scheduled hourly. Disinfection systems should be chlorine or bromine based and the water tested three times a day backed up with monthly bacteriological tests.

The pool designs obviously vary depending on whether they are for canine or equine use. For dogs, the pools tend to be smaller than a human swimming pool and heated - a dog’s muscles benefit from the warming effects of the heated water. Most pools have a ramp for entry and exit and some have harnesses to maintain the dog in position in the water. There may be a manual or electric hoist for lifting dogs in and out of the water. Some pools have jets and a counter current unit to add resistance and make the dog swim more vigorously. Canine water treadmills are growing in popularity too.

Equine hydrotherapy pools are deeper and specially shaped to accommodate the horse. Horse spas are typically run at 5 degrees centigrade to take the heat out of the injury and to enable the horse to race again as soon as possible. Disposing of the horses’ effluent is a challenge and makes constant water testing and balancing an absolute necessity.

Make new contacts

If you have a specific query on a pool or its operation, then there are plenty of experts on hand to give free impartial advice. You are welcome to the SPATEX networking party on the evening of Wednesday January 31st at 5pm at the Ricoh Arena to which all exhibitors and visitors are warmly invited. Why not make a night of it? We have brokered a number of excellent hotel deals – please see www.spatex.co.uk for further details.

Visitor registration is Free.

SPATEX 2018, Tuesday January 30th to Thursday February 1st, Ericsson Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

The Ricoh Arena is easy to get to just 500 yards off the M6 and within two hours commuting time of 75 per cent of the population, it offers 2,000 free on-site car parking spaces. For further information please contact Michele or Helen Tel: +44 (0) 1264 358558