Leucillin Animal Skincare Sponsor The RVC Animal Care Trust’s First Aid Courses for Dog and Cat Owners.

Leucillin were delighted to act as sponsors for the RVC Animal Care Trusts First Aid Courses run this autumn and to have the opportunity to meet and present Leucillin to pet owners at events held on September 22nd at the RVC Queen Mother Hospital for Animals and November 17th, RVC Beaumont Sainsbury Animal Hospital, providing every attendee with a bottle to take home.

Many animal owners would like to know more about how to help their pet if it suddenly became sick or injured. The RVC’s charity, the Animal Care Trust (ACT) has been running first aid events for owners for a number of years. With input from the RVC’s experienced team of nurses and clinicians, the events provide practical advice on what to do in crisis situations to give pets the best possible chance of recovery from injury or sudden illness.

The events provide a learning environment that is fun and interactive covering a wide range of emergency situations with a chance to speak to a team of experts to seek advice. By popular demand, RVC pet first aid kits are available to purchase at these events.

'Getting in contact with your veterinary practice is key when you’re faced with an emergency involving your pet, but this first aid event will help you understand what to do before professional help is available. I’m looking forward to helping you feel more confident should the worst happen.'
Karen Humm, Senior Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care, who spoke at the First Aid event on Sept 22nd.

'We are extremely grateful to Leucillin for supporting these events which help us to provide an essential service for pet owners and at the same time raise vital funds for the specialist care provided by the RVC’s hospitals.
We have been overwhelmed by the response to our first aid events this autumn and more events are planned to accommodate more enthusiastic pet owners. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about supporting the ACT.'
Jenny Collins, ACT Corporate and Trusts Fundraiser.

Leucillin is the best insurance for all those just-in-case scenarios, it is an effective, reliable first aid, sanitizing and management tool. An incredibly versatile and easy to use solution, Leucillin’s gentle formula can also be used as an everyday cleanser for ears, eyes and skin folds. It effectively calms the symptoms of allergy sufferers, eradicating infection caused by itching and scratching.

Leucillin works by cleverly mimicking the body’s own defence mechanisms, replicating the naturally occurring chemical in the mammalian body, produced by the white blood cells to fight infection caused by invading germs. Leucillin has a proven unbeatable efficacy of 99.99999%, whilst being totally safe. Leucillin kills pathogens that can cause infection and impede healing, providing pet owners with a user-friendly solution that is safe for all members of the family to use and care for their pet.

Starting at only £4.99 for Leucillin’s handy 50ml dropper which fits neatly into any handbag or jacket pocket, any animal owner needn’t leave home without this essential first aid tool.

Further information about the RVC First Aid events and all fundraising initiatives can be found on our website www.rvc.ac.uk/act

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