Rehabilitation in small animals

The importance of a Multimodal Approach by Silvia Boscolo RVn, Pgd Vet Physio, MIAAT, MIAVRPT, RCH, London Vet Rehab Limited and Laura Romano DVM, Cert Vet Acup (IVAS, ItVAS), MSc Vet Physio, IRVAP, CAH, ABVA, MRCVS Introduction On the assumption that the benefits of physical rehabilitation are well documented in canine practice, (Millis et al, 2015) less in the feline practice, (Sharp, 2012) a multimodal approach could give the added value to physical rehabilitation in dogs and cats to achieve results and improvements quicker. Multimodal approach A multimodal approach features complementary and integrative techniques to improve symptomatic and functional recovery....

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