Rehabilitation at VET Festival 2020

by Fiona Doubleday, Physiotherapist at Fitzpatrick Referrals

Coming back for its sixth year, VET Festival is set to return to Loseley Park in leafy Surrey on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th June 2020. The event acts to provide the veterinary community with inspiring and pioneering CPD in a beautiful outdoor setting.

This year’s event featured over 35 speakers across 12 educational streams, so with already something for everyone it’s incredible to hear the VET Festival team are planning another six education streams added to the mix. The rehabilitation stream is where you’ll find me at VET Festival 2020. The tent will be showcasing an amazing series of lectures with new speakers, as well as welcoming back incredible speakers from past years with new material.

You can expect an integrative approach at the 2020 event. The way that clinical practice and rehab integrate is critical within our field, and the education at VET Festival reflects that by combining veterinary surgeon and physiotherapist lectures to put the spotlight on the benefits of rehabilitation in overall Veterinary medicine.

The speakers will cover topics relating to both the orthopaedic and neurological patient, in specific detail from the veterinary surgeon’s perspective and the therapists as well. Each Vet talk will lead directly into a practical therapy information session.

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As more and more physiotherapists are attached to a veterinary practice, it’s now more common place for rehabilitation to be included as part of a small animal patients’ care. It often plays a vital role in a patient’s recovery, both following an injury and when suffering the effects of a specific condition.

It’s really refreshing to have an event like VET Festival actively demonstrate how closely rehabilitation can be affect and influence a complete veterinary plan.

Which brings me onto Hydrotherapy, which plays a vital part in a patients’ rehabilitation and is often able to achieve very specific benefits that are otherwise challenging on land. VET Festival 2020 will be giving hydrotherapy the attention it deserves. Lectures will cover topics such as movement techniques, balance and coordination, as well as elderly care as elements of water-based therapy – all of which will give delegates the tools to use in the day to day profession.

The Veterinary Rehabilitation world is one that is increasingly expanding. As a Physiotherapist myself, I understand the dedication coming out of physiotherapists and hydrotherapists who are working to develop our profession within the veterinary world using evidence based theories and current techniques. The educational platform that VET Festival provides I can confidently say supports our industry and those within it.

Delegate feedback from VET Festival 2019:

”Inspiring with fantastic speakers”

“A wide variety of specialist speakers that present information in a fun way in a great environment”
Vet Physiotherapist

“Excellent CPD in a relaxed atmosphere” Clinical Director “Perfect CPD venue for quality ongoing training in a fun and compassionate setting”

VET Festival 2019