Photizo Vetcare

Light Therapy offers an effective alternative to therapeutic laser

THE Photizo® light therapy concept brings a proven and highly effective non-invasive treatment modality into the hands of anyone caring for or working with an animal to accelerate natural healing and pain relief.

Therapeutic effects of low-level laser have been well researched and effects proven from numerous studies. The use of laser devices still remain in the realm of veterinary health practitioners due to high cost and training required to use laser safely. In contrast, since the 1990’s use of LED technology in veterinary and clinical practice and by consumers has established both the safety and effectiveness of LED light.

Following the success of NASA LED research and published recommended doses from WALT (World Association of Laser Therapy) the Photizo® Light Therapy devices have been specifically developed with high output LEDs to ensure a fast delivery of an effective evidence-based dose light therapy.

Photizo® Vetcare, launched in 2013, is specifically for use on animals and a growing number of animal health practitioners now use the Photizo® Vetcare device as part of their own treatment toolkit. Many practitioners prefer the convenience of a pocketsized rechargeable treatment tool with the advantage of being able to treat a larger surface area with LED diodes.

The affordability and simplicity of the Photizo® Vetcare means many practitioners also recommend their clients use it because the healing and pain relief benefits are maximised with daily application throughout rehabilitation.

There is no other device in the UK like Photizo® Vetcare which delivers a simple, one-touch, 31 second pre-programmed dose of highly beneficial red and infrared wavelengths with pulsed frequency light. Photizo® Vetcare is therefore a cost effective modality for use in veterinary practice by all the staff for treatment of post-surgical wounds and injuries while an animal is hospitalised. The reality is that anyone who has daily responsibility for an animal undergoing a rehabilitation programme can apply the light therapy and help to play a part in the recovery process or it can be used proactively to help with muscle recovery after active work.

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