Photizo to the Rescue!

Shine a light on your favourite rescue charity

Danetre Health the sole UK distributor for Photizo, is delighted to announce its new ‘Photizo to the Rescue’ campaign that’s set to shine a light on animal rescue charities across the UK.

‘Photizo to the Rescue’ is an opportunity for everyone to nominate their favourite rescue charity or not-forprofit rescue to become Photizo’s ‘rescue of the month’ that will be donated one Photizo Vetcare.

As a handy pocket sized (non-invasive) treatment tool, Photizo Vetcare represents modern Phototherapy, which delivers a powerful combination of pulsating red and infra-red light in pre-programmed 30 seconds doses.

Proven to promote the natural healing process, Vets, Vet Nurses, Physiotherapists and healthcare professionals are embracing its potential across a host of conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, atopic skin conditions, and in wound management.

Extremely easy to use Photizo does not require any special ‘eye-wear’ unlike laser treatment products.

Danetre Health’s MD, Ruth Milner commented: “We’re very excited about our ‘Photizo to the Rescue’ campaign, we’re committed to helping animals in rescue and educating their volunteers about the healing benefits of this modern simple-to-use phototherapy.

Photizo Vetcare works at a cellular level, it accelerates natural healing when used daily as part of an ongoing rehabilitation programme. Phototherapy reduces inflammation and provides natural pain relief, which the animals respond to so well, often they instantly relax. It’s especially useful for all wound healing and to help manage common conditions like arthritis, joint dysplasia, spondylosis and atopic skin issues like flea or grass allergies.

We’re sure that Photizo will be able to help rehabilitate animals in rescue helping them find their forever home.

Anyone can nominate a Rescue, all we need is the name of the nominated Rescue organisation, a few details about their work and how they would benefit from having their own Photizo vetcare unit. We can receive nominations or votes by email or social media. We’ll create a dedicated facebook post for each nominated rescue so their supporters can vote for them.”

The response to the campaign has been incredible from several Rescues and their supporters. Photizo has been already used with great success at many rescues across the UK, including:

Cinque Ports Rescue, Kent:

Cinque Ports Rescue, received huge financial support for little Wonky Wanda after appearing on This Morning. We heard from Kerri at Cinque Ports who has kept Wanda, Kerri explained, “When Wanda started her journey of adjusting to wheels, she gets tired. Our specialist has said he is amazed at how well she is coping and healing. We regularly use Photizo on many of our rescue dogs and can certainly recommend this product.”

Reds Rescue Northampton:

Bella came into us suffering horrific wounds all over her body she

went through major surgery and the wounds on her legs that had been stitched both internally and externally unfortunately broke down . We were kindly leant the use of a Photizo which we used 3 times a day over her body the results were amazing this unit definitely aided in her recovery. We have now purchased our own one. We are small self-funded dog rescue that take in palliative care/end of life dogs and dogs that other rescues cannot or will not take in.

For more information contact: Ruth Milner, Danetre Health

Tel: 01327 310909