Onlinepethealth - Vetrehabbers

At Onlinepethealth, we focus on more than just continuing education. For us, this is how we help you change the world. We want every Vetrehabber to feel part of a community, to make a success of their business, and to continue to push the boundaries in learning, growing and innovating all the time.


We believe that community should be free, inclusive and supportive. It is through community that we share our stories, challenges and questions, and how we receive support, recognition and help from like-minded professionals. In a small, niche industry like ours, we should never feel alone.

In order to create, uphold and maintain community, we have three Facebook groups – Small Animal Vetrehabbers, Equine Vetrehabbers and Hydro Vetrehabbers. These Facebook communities are open to all professionals working in the industry; in these communities we ask and answer questions, and seek and receive advice and support, all without judgement or criticism.

We Learn

Our absolute passion and mission is to keep improving our own and your knowledge, striving to do this in various ways. Our weekly podcasts and blogs are free to everyone in the industry. We use them to encourage fellow Vetrehabbers, share stories and experiences, chat about different areas of progress and growth, and share knowledge on new and novel procedures, conditions and modalities – anything that seems valuable and interesting!

We also run a members’ platform, where we broadcast multiple webinars every month from lecturers all over the world. We are really striving to ask those all-important clinical questions and deepen our knowledge and understanding of various areas of interest in our profession. The platform is registered for CPD with the SAVC.

We love research; we have a passion for evidence-based practice, and believe there is only one way to become more evidence based in our practices – by reading published research papers, finding the clinical relevance and value in them, and then taking things further by doing more research.

Every month we have a ‘Research Refresh’ for our members, where we do the hard work of reading and understanding a paper, then summarising it in somewhat more digestible form so that our members easily benefit from it.

We succeed!

If there is one thing we all know, it is that we often know very little about business. This can be a real obstacle for us as Vetrehabbers. At Onlinepethealth, we are passionate about your success – to us, the success of each individual Vetrehabber is the success of the industry, of the profession and of Onlinepethealth. We offer various business training’s on our members’ platform every month, to ensure that vetrehabbers are learning what they need to learn to become successful at marketing, growing their practice, hiring employees, managing them, and so much more. We are fully invested in you!

Onlinepethealth members and Vetrehabbers are a truly special bunch. We are humble, we live, we learn, and we are so epically passionate about our patients and our profession that it can be truly scary.

So – are you a Vetrehabber?