Onlinepethealth to host 3rd international online veterinary rehabilitation conference 14 november 2020

The annual Onlinepethealth VetRehab Summit is rapidly becoming known as an event not to be missed on the animal health professional calendar, and this year is no different. Mark the date; Saturday 14 November 2020. It is not too late to book for the event!

The virtual conference creates a unique opportunity for collaboration and learning between Vet Rehabilitation therapists and other animal health professionals globally. One of the great advantages of the online format is that the best of the best get to share their professional expertise under one virtual roof, so that the quality of input is top-notch.

This year the theme is ‘Connections’. The live webinars cover themes such as Therapeutic Canine Connections, Canine Structure, Injury Risk and Adaptations to Injuries, and Integrating Kinesiology Taping into Equine Rehabilitation. State of the art lecturers are divided into the categories small animal, hydrotherapy, and equine, so that participants get to follow their speciality interests and benefit from up-to-the minute research.

Establishing connections has become such a vital part of our lives, both as individuals and as professionals. After a year like no other, the Onlinepethealth Veterinary Rehabilitation Conference offers a chance to truly connect in a field still struggling to establish itself.  All animal health professionals – Veterinarians, Veterinary rehabilitation therapists, hydrotherapists, Veterinary Physiotherapists, and Veterinary technicians – will find something of interest in this unique global online gathering.

Dr. Megan Kelly, the founder of the Onlinepethealth Veterinary Rehabilitation Conference, expressed how important it was for animal health professionals to come together after a time of crisis such as the extended lockdown.
“Our community needs to come together. Many have had no choice but to close their practices down; some are hanging on by a thread, wishing someone would throw out a lifeline. I strive to be that lifeline.
“If there is one thing Covid-19 has taught us, it is that we do better when connected with others. Currently, like so many other expanding disciplines, veterinary care is made up of several specialist areas, each with its own unique perspective and skill set to offer. There is an essential unity of purpose amongst us all – whether you’re a vet, vet technician, vetrehabber or hydrotherapist – that is sometimes hard to find and not always acknowledged.”

Giving to the community: Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children
Apart from fostering knowledge sharing, support and collaboration, the conference strives to give back to the community. This year the charity chosen to benefit from a portion of conference income is Tom Ro Haven for Equines and Children.

Tom Ro Haven was started by Gillian McColloch in 2009. Gillian explains that the idea came from a place of healing after her family suffered the loss of her nephew,  killed in Afghanistan, and both her parents, all of whom died in a single year.  After the losses, Gillian and her family expressed their own need for healing by volunteering at a horse rescue center. They soon realised that they needed to do more.

The idea of Tom Ro Haven was formed, named after Gillian’s parents, Tom and Rosaline. “This horse rescue initiative is in honour of their memory. They loved horses, they loved children, and they loved people.” Gillian says that that just as many horses need healing, people do, too.

We’re all one team
The Onlinepethealth Veterinary Rehabilitation Conference is a chance to experience the unity of the broader animal health care team, all of whom are working toward one common goal – the best possible quality of life for animals. Achieving this goal may mean going beyond the contributions of our own work, and supporting the work of others. To this end, participants have been asked to nominate a charity involved in Veterinary Rehabilitation. One will be selected, so that as a group, participants may extend help to a second worthy cause. Tom Ro is the Onlinepethealth charity; select yours, and it may be chosen to receive additional support.

The Onlinepethealth team is looking forward to meeting you all online.

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