Microcurrent device enhances healing rates by up to 50%

New treatments are exciting and Applied Microcurrent Technology’s patented ArcEquine unit, the result of an £850,000 nine-year programme of research and development, both in vitro and in vivo, is being hailed as ‘a phenomenal advance in equine healthcare’. It has gained rapid global credibility with elite international riders and the company has seen growth of over 50% this year alone.

An ArcEquine unit in use on a horse’s leg. It is recommended to always put an appropriate protective boot or bandage over the unit.

The advanced, drug-free and noninvasive microcurrent technology will rapidly reduce all swelling, bruising, inflammation and pain. It will stimulate equally rapid tissue regeneration and repair across a wide spectrum of equine injuries, as evidenced by a growing number of cases for which full recovery would otherwise have been considered impossible. It reliably enhances healing rates by up to 50%.

Working with leading equine vets, equine healthcare practitioners, riders and trainers provides ArcEquine with detailed data describing the types and extent of tissues damaged, treatment protocols, initial prognoses and final outcomes. The database references bone, tendon, ligament and muscle injuries, together with more visible traumas, including wounds and skin pathologies. Together, they prove the efficacy of ArcEquine’s microcurrent therapy.

The advanced technology is incredibly effective in a prophylactic context too, preventing micro-tears from developing into clinically significant injuries. In addition, behavioural issues commonly just ‘disappear’ when horses are treated with ArcEquine!

For founder Ian Thirkell, the exponential growth in sales is beyond exciting. He confirms; “We are receiving enquiries from around the world and the feedback is amazing. As more equine healthcare professionals in different countries learn about ArcEquine and the healthcare benefits it delivers, the interest is driving massive ongoing growth and establishing new distribution relationships is a key priority, at every level.”

Train harder, recover faster

Amongst the leading riders using ArcEquine, Olympic and worldwide dressage icon Richard Davison comments;

ArcEquine plays an important role in my competition horse management regime, especially in injury prevention and accelerating recovery after training and competitions.

Australian Olympic eventer Andrew Hoy adds; “I have been competing at international level for 39 years and continually strive to improve not only the horses’ training but all daily measurements around their management. They are top athletes and it is imperative to me that no stone is left unturned to support their health and wellbeing. All of the horses in my care receive treatments with ArcEquine – whether it is in a period of recovery after hard work, coming back from an injury or just to maintain their wellbeing.”

So how does it work?

The pocket-sized ArcEquine unit delivers sub-sensory microcurrents that are not ‘felt’ by the horse. Simple to use, with no specialist clinical training or experience required, it can be recommended to even novice horseowners.

Every cell in the body communicates with other cells using a series of minute electrical currents – microcurrents - which together help to regulate the healthy functioning of the body. When disease, injury or stress occurs, these microcurrents are compromised, resulting in impairment of natural healing processes.

Scientific research has determined the exact nature of these natural – endogenous – microcurrents and ArcEquine’s cutting-edge expertise in technological development and its application has enabled their re-introduction to the body from an external source. Published scientific papers report research proving that stimulation of cells with microcurrent increases their production of nature’s energy source adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by up to 500%, explaining how, in simple terms, all metabolic processes are both ‘jump started’ and ‘turbo charged’.

ArcEquine microcurrent therapy works throughout the whole body, so rotating the ArcEquine unit around the horse’s (uninjured) legs for each daily, three-hour treatment will help manage and treat injuries in all types of tissue, wherever they are on the horse. These microcurrents are totally natural and entirely safe, cannot be overused or misused, but it is possible to optimise their use, which ArcEquine does.

Human healthcare and companion animals

As sales of ArcEquine continue to exceed even the most optimistic forecasts and expansion into overseas markets remains ahead of schedule, the launch of human health units, Arc4Health and Arc4Sports, has created additional opportunities. The human units have undergone a rigorous regulatory approval, which amongst other things involved biocompatibility testing, resulting in their certification as Class IIa medical devices. Like the ArcEquine, they offer a holistic, drug-free alternative. The company has also developed a unit for Pets, the Arc4Pets, enabling the technology to be used on companion and other small animals.

Get involved

To find out more, contact the ArcFamily head office on 01580 755504 or visit www.arc-family.com and follow the links to the individual product information.


As the company continues to expand its markets, there are currently new opportunities for qualified practitioners already working in the fields of equine therapy and rehabilitation, to join the dynamic and progressive team as an Arc Area Representative.

These roles will involve the introduction of ArcEquine microcurrent technology to new users in both the B2B and B2C sectors of the equine marketplace. Whilst an existing and established equine client base is an essential requirement, ongoing product and sales training, together with significant corporate support, will be offered to successful applicants.

These opportunities, which are currently available in most areas of the UK, will provide a potentially valuable additional revenue stream to already successful businesses in this sector.

To find out more about how ArcEquine could enhance your already successful equine therapy business, contact UK Sales Director Lee Brearley on 01580 755504 in the first instance or email lee.brearley@arc-family.com

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