Antibiotic Resistance; There Is Topical Assistance

The Role of Leucillin in Wound Management

Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is a high efficacy, broad spectrum antiseptic; it requires minimal contact time and is safe for any topical application. Leucillin has an extensive range of applications including first aid, post-surgical sites, stubborn infections, effective allergy management, ear and eye infections and as a general purpose antiseptic.

Leucillin a Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) based antiseptic solution and is one on the highest performing formulations of stable Hypochlorous; it is skin pH neutral at 5.5 - 6.0 pH.

Stabilised Hypochlorous is a revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare with many 100 times the effectiveness of standard antiseptics while proven to be 100% safe, other antiseptics struggle to achieve the 99.999% efficacy required for a Standard EN13727 test, whereas the Leucillin formulation can achieve 99.99999% efficacy on the same test; a 100 fold improvement in efficacy, whilst still remaining non-toxic, nonirritant and skin pH neutral.

Having struggled to find a long lasting solution to Poppy’s chronic skin problem, (repeated outbreaks of weeping sores following an bacterial parasite infection), I am overjoyed to have found Leucillin. Not only is it fast working and effective but it doesn’t make her suffer and more importantly I’ve been able to stop the repeated antibiotic treatments that are not good for any animals long term and especially not a young cat!

Damaris Lambeth-Scott

Hypochlorous Acid: Living with a Killer

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a biocide produced naturally by the mammalian body. The chemical HOCl is a weak acidic chlorine that is naturally, produced by Leukocytes or Neutrophils to fight invading microorganisms or pathogens (bacterial, viral and fungal.), During tissue injury or infection, neutrophils, white blood cells, travel to the site of infection where they capture and engulf the pathogen then produce Hypochlorous to destroy these harmful pathogens.

HOCl being an oxidant, leaves nothing behind for bacteria and viruses to create resistance and therefore does not contribute to the superbug (multi drug-resistant organisms) dilemma. Lyvlee Ltd, the manufacturers of Leucillin has found a way to produce HOCl outside the body, stabilize it and bottle it for commercial use. Leucillin is non-cytotoxic, its concentration (parts per million) and pH level have been specifically formulated for optimum product efficacy and safety for use directly on living tissue without usage constrains.

The Problem of Antimicrobial Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance happens when microorganisms change or mutate when exposed to antimicrobial drugs (such as antibiotics, antifungals and antivirals). Microorganisms that develop antimicrobial resistance are sometimes referred to as “superbugs”. As a result, these medicines become ineffective and infections can persist, increasing the risk of spread and threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases, resulting in prolonged illness, disability, and potentially death.

Without effective antimicrobials for prevention and treatment of infections, medical procedures such as organ transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, diabetes management and major surgery become very high risk. More medications (especially antibiotics) can create more problems. Side effects of antibiotic usage are difficult to manage or can require more antibiotic usage. If we are to reduce antibiotic usage we need to know what tools in our tool kit are safe and effective for all skin types and situations. Leucillin meets these criteria.

In a published scientific article describing a study in which HOCl was tested to look at a variety of its components, the outcome determined that the solution in most cases had a 12-second kill time for numerous bacteria and viruses, helped promote wound healing and cell proliferation, and did not harm current healthy cells. Also of note, this solution disrupted biofilm and increased cell migration.

The role of Leucillin; assisting with reduction in antibiotic usage

Leucillin is intended for cleaning, irrigating, and debriding acute and chronic dermal lesions by the action of removing foreign materials, including micro-organisms and biofilms from wounds. Leucillin has been shown to be highly effective in killing drug-resistant bacteria and essentially all mammalian pathogens in both laboratory testing and actual case scenarios demonstrating no negative effects.

When used as a soak on wounds followed by gentle wiping with gauze, it has been demonstrated to effect a debridement. In addition, it is not painful to the patient and tends to remove odour from the wounds.

The latest test conducted by The NHS Laboratories at The Queen Elizabeth Hospital Test facility; EN 13727 which supersedes many tests, Leucillin achieved a class leading 99.99999% (Log7) or maximum measurable reduction in bacteria.

Leucillin; Applications and Usages

Cuts, wounds, stubborn infections, rashes and skin irritations, dry, itchy, flaky or smelly skin problems, ear and eye infections, burns and abbess, and the management of the symptoms of allergies are just some of the many uses of Leucillin, and of course as a general purpose antiseptic.

Using Leucillin to flush and cleanse a wound or to clean an infection, not only dramatically reduces the pathogens, but also has the effect of calming the associated inflammation as the body responds to the presence of the very chemical the Neutrophil makes to fight infection.

Leucillin can be used to help maintain healthy skin; it acts as a topical wound wash, an anti-bacterial treatment, promotes healing by reducing potential for infection and is a preventative solution. Spraying Leucillin washes the area, it’s highly effective antiseptic properties cleanse and eradicate germs, preventing infection. Leucillin is almost instant in its effect, working on contact and resulting in faster recovery time.

Leucillin Animal Skincare will be sponsoring the Veterinary Nursing Theatre at Vet Festival this June and also hosting a talk in the Innovation Hub, please visit their stand at the event to receive your information pack and free bottle.

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