How to use Pet Remedy with your Pet

Locate the plug diffuser in room where your pet spends the most time. Ambient and constant slow release makes Pet Remedy all the more effective. Suitable for all pets including birds and reptiles.

Starts to help instantly and ideal for separation anxiety, fireworks, new home, bonding, and any other stressful situation.

You can also use the calming spray which is water based and pH neutral, on the pet bedding, bandana, or even spray a little on your fingers and gently rub around muzzle, under chin, and top of chest!

Jo Hinde from the RWAF suggests spraying a little on a damp cloth or fingers and gently rubbing around muzzles of rabbits. This helps with scent swapping when bonding as well as calming. This same procedure can be used for other pets with equally good results!

As a rule, best not to spray directly on a pet. This avoids any association of the spray with the stressful situation. When out walking or training an anxious dog, spray a little on a bandana or spray a little on a damp cloth or your fingers and gently rub around the pet’s muzzle and top of chest. (same applies for horses.) You can even spray a little on your trouser leg and bring the dog to heel to take in the actives!

Use the calming wipe in the same way as you would with the calming spray by gentle rubbing around muzzle, under chin and top of chest of your pet (including horses!). Or you can rub on your fingers before handling an anxious pet. It can be used to wipe down surfaces such as an examination or grooming bench top. You can also tie to a cat basket when travelling to vet or place on bedding in home and car!

A great advantage of Pet Remedy apart from being a natural option, is that it starts to help instantly. This is because of the way it works. the low concentration Valerian based formulation works with the pet's (and all other mammals, reptiles, and birds) natural calming pathways. This means the actives in the Pet Remedy formulation mimic GABA (the natural calming agent in mammals) and thus help trick fired up / excited nerve cells (when the pet is stressed or anxious) into thinking they are getting a message from the brain to calm.

It is now used on a daily basis by vets, vet nurses, rescue centres , pet professionals (such as behaviourists, trainers, and groomers), and even zoos all over the world!