How Honey’s helps elderly, poorly and overweight dogs

If you are responsible for looking after an elderly, poorly or overweight dog then we would like to help. We can offer you expert advice and information on every aspect of canine nutrition and health. If you are interested (but you will be under no pressure to order) we can also supply food.

In case you are unfamiliar with Honey’s, we are a small, artisan dog food producer based in Pewsey, Wiltshire. We believe dogs are healthier and happier on a species appropriate (or raw) food diet. We also believe that the quality of the ingredients makes a huge difference to the nutritional value (and benefits) of the food. Which is why all the meat and vegetables we use are British, fresh, suitable for human consumption and ethically sourced.

We are, incidentally, a certified organic producer. If you would like to know more about what we can offer and, perhaps, free copies of our various books and guides, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We welcome new customers, incidentally, with a variety of special offers including a Half Price Hamper.

Free, unlimited access to our Health Care Team

The Honey’s Health Care Team (vets, vet nurses, nutritionists and other canine health experts) are happy to provide unlimited dietary and health advice, free of charge, to anyone who contacts us. There is no need to become a customer.

We offer a special, lean Prescription Range

The Honey’s Prescription Range combines all the benefits of raw feeding with all the benefits of leaner recipes. We offer Lean Pork, Lean Turkey, Lean Lamb and Lean Duck using raw, British, fresh, free range meat and bone and seasonal vegetables. The ingredients are all suitable for human consumption. The lower levels of protein (compared to other meats such as rabbit or game) make our Prescription Range ideal for senior and less active dogs. They provide support to kidneys and liver. The lower levels of fat in all these recipes make it suitable for dogs suffering from pancreatitis, colitis and hepatitis. They are also ideal for postoperative recovery and general digestive issues such as flatulence and soft stools. The recipes are naturally high in glucosamine (and therefore offers higher levels of bioavailability) which means they are good for joints (we would recommend this over a supplement, which will have lower levels of bioavailability). The recipes are naturally high in moisture to help hydration, digestion and to support kidneys in senior dogs. All the recipes are ‘pure’ and may help dogs with allergies.

We offer a pure, certified Organic Range

If you are looking for raw dog food that is guaranteed to be as pure and unadulterated as possible then the new Honey’s Organic Working Dog Food range is the best possible option. The meat, the bone and the vegetables all come from certified organic farmers and are made into food in our certified organic premises in Pewsey, Wiltshire. All our ingredients are British and all are fresh i.e. suitable for human consumption.

Lucky the dog that loses weight the Honey’s way

We have become expert in helping dogs lose a few pounds and drop down a collar size or two while still maintaining optimum health. Vicky, one of our founders, has even written a book about it called The Lucky Dog Weight Loss Plan. Dogs following the plan lose the right sort of weight and do not suffer from hunger pangs.

We invest in research

To the best of our knowledge we are the only artisan, raw dog food producer that invests in detailed research into the benefits of species appropriate or raw feeding for dogs. We analyse our ingredients and recipes on a regular basis to ensure that they meet nutritional requirements. We make sure that our complete dog food is compliant with the European Pet Food Industry Association (FEDIAF) nutritional guidelines (we don’t have much faith in these guidelines but we comply with them). We study the effects of raw feeding on a dog’s general health and fitness. You can be confident that the claims we make regarding raw feeding are supported by scientific fact.


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