Canine neurological conditions in the spotlight at Webcon2018

Vets and veterinary rehabilitation therapists are tapping into a growing move towards online conferences rather than physical, in-person conferences for the many benefits these confer. Dr Megan Kelly, a Cape Town veterinary rehabilitation therapist, has organized a number of online conferences and is enthusiastic about this “conference of the future”.

“Webcon2017, the first online event I organized, received an overwhelmingly positive response. It opened my eyes to the amazing range of expertise that you can bring together for an online event – at a fraction of the cost of a physical conference.

“We had experts in their fields from all over the world delivering world-class presentations on topics relating to the canine athlete. This year, our theme is ‘the neurological dog’. We’re expecting a similar lineup of experts in their fields, all geared to the continuing education of vets and canine rehabilitation therapists.”

Continuing professional education is a basic requirement in the expanding field of veterinary science and animal rehabilitation, where research is revealing new knowledge and insights every year. We cannot get by on yesterday’s knowledge. We can read the journals, search the online articles, talk to our fellow professionals – but nothing boosts knowledge and confidence quite like an intensive conference experience, where we learn from and interact with colleagues from all over the world.

I enjoyed that I was able to access this from the other side of the world. Fantastic!

With online conferences there is no loss of work time while we travel and spend days away from home. We get to maintain our practices, remain at home with our families and avoid the costs. All it takes is a little organization on the home and work fronts. For those who cannot watch presentations live, they’re all available for thirty days after the event. Interaction with fellow participants is facilitated through a community networking chat page, so you get all the buzz with none of the logistics.

One of the great advantages of the online format is the quality and range of speakers the format attracts; since the experts don’t have to leave their homes, costs are kept low and conference organizers can draw in the very best – the practicing veterinarians and veterinary rehabilitation therapists with specialized knowledge in a variety of fields. Online conferencing is already the norm for many professions, and looks set to increase in popularity among animal health practitioners, too. Webcon2017 hosted 300 participants from 29 countries. Webcon2018, scheduled for 17 November 2018, has incorporated the suggestions of all, and is likely to be bigger, better and even more interactive than last year’s event.

The best part was being able to communicate with all the other attendees. I did not expect that.

Exhibitors for Webcon2018 include: Assisi Animal Health, Go HERO, Sharc software, Equine-libirum Physiotherapy College, Greyfriars Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, Eddie’s Wheels, Onlinepethealth webinar, Onlinepethealth Hydrowebinar, Pulsevet, Aquatread and STAAR (Symposium on Therapeutic advances in Animal Rehabilitation).

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