Leucillin Animal Skincare, Hypochlorous Antiseptic Technology

ATOPY, or skin allergies can be as upsetting for owner as it is for their pet, however they can often be very successfully managed.

Leucillin works as a fantastic preventive aid, helping to support the skin from the outside in, its soothing formula helps calm the symptoms of allergy suffers and works as a preventative against secondary infection.

Leucillin is a unique antiseptic, which cleverly mimics the bodies own immune system, Leucillin replicates the leukocytes (white blood cells) naturally produced chemical used to fight infection caused by invading pathogens (germs). Leucillin is a natural antiseptic, destroying harmful germs on contact allowing the skin to heal naturally.

Leucillin provides you with a userfriendly solution applied topically, it is skin pH neutral and will not sting or irritate. Leucillin is a natural antiseptic, destroying harmful pathogens on contact, creating the perfect environment for healthy itch free skin.

How to use Leucillin preventatively for soothing allergies:

Leucillin is skin pH neutral, non-toxic, and will not sting. It is 100% safe to use in any application including eyes, ears, sensitive skin and allergy prone skin, simply spray liberally to use, recommended for use three times daily.

To use effectively apply Leucillin liberally to the effected skin, making sure to get the product down through the hair and onto the skin surface, if applying to paws make sure you open up between toes and paws and get the Leucillin into all the corners germs like. You can use as a preventive aid for grass or pollen intolerances by applying to areas that are prone to flare ups, often paws and under arms, applying straight after walkies or time spent outside.

This is Sasha, eight years young and has suffered terribly with her skin for the past 3 years, my friend got in touch with me at her wits end, heartbroken that Sasha was suffering with leather rock hard skin and balding and asked for help in anyway. Vets over the years have gone from allergies, yeast infections, thousands of pounds later, tears and not knowing what to do, I offered to help. I was recommended Leucillin so thought would give it a go. Picture one is when Sasha came to me, picture two is one month later she is healing very nicely and new hair is now growing, I cannot recommend this product any more than I already do, thank you for making a little dog happy and a family now enjoying Sasha properly in her later years.

Jay Chambers