Lauren Langman of Devon Dogs uses Back on Track infrared garments on a daily basis. Lauren has built a solid reputation in canine training and top end sports dog performances. Through Devon Dogs Lauren runs numerous training classes and activities for a wide range of dogs and their owners. In addition to this Lauren is one of the leading dog agility competitors in the UK with several team GB squad selections, Crufts winners, Olympia medalists and 11 Championship Ticket wins to her name.

Spending so much time with dogs of all shapes sizes and temperaments Lauren is very aware of the role the well-being of the dog has in his overall demeanour, health and temperament.

Lauren said: “A happy, well cared for, bright, and enthusiastic dog relies upon a consistent routine, plenty of attention and routine great care. If the dog feels relaxed and happy and well it will aid their overall well-being and in turn their performance will be enhanced.”

Lauren uses the range of Back on Track infra-red rugs, braces and dog beds on a daily basis to help provide these wellbeing benefits to her dogs. Back on Track fits in well with Lauren’s daily routine and complements all of her training exercises.

Back on Track has pioneered the use of far-infrared energy to help dogs, humans and equines. Scientific studies have found that the infra-red technology aids circulation which supports well-being and mobility.

Back on Track was founded by Swedish scientist, Dr Erland Beselin who developed his unique, Welltex™ fabric which has minute ceramic particles infused into it. These ceramic particles reflect a long-wave infrared ray which helps circulation. Back on Track have developed their Welltex fabric into a state-of-the-art range of infrared garments, braces and mattresses.

Lauren said: “We have found that Back on Track range of infra-red rugs, braces and dog beds have helped with providing relaxation for our dogs both pre-competition but also in day to day life. The Back on Track items are beautifully made and the rugs come in many different styles and thicknesses.” The Back on Track rugs have innovative and well-researched designs, they fit snugly and are fully breathable. In fact - Lauren’s dogs actively want to sleep on their beds, indicating it feels: “Super great for them, when given a choice they want to get their coats back on and sensible dogs really should stay warm after work so it does help therapeutically to put them on after any work at all!”

In addition to day-to-day use of the Back on Track rugs, Lauren has also found the rugs invaluable at competitions. Lauren added: “The rugs are just perfect for between classes at competitions, I need the dogs to stay warm and supple. A dog that has been allowed to get a bit stiff from hanging around and waiting their turns will neither perform as well as he is able to and could sustain an injury.” The long-wave infra-red ray that is created by the Welltex fabric has been scientifically proven to increase circulation which in turn can help mobility.

The Back on Track range of dog beds and mattresses is also used extensively by Lauren. “Our dogs travel on the Back on Track mattresses and they really relish getting into their cosy beds! I feel the Back on Track travel mattress is second to none. My dogs spend a lot of time in the vehicle travelling to and from competitions as well as between events on competition days. They need to be comfortable when spending large amounts of time in the car. It’s super to know they have their own therapy system linked to simply being in the vehicle. It’s also great to see some of our previously stressed dogs wanting to happily jump into the vehicle now to be on their Back on Track mattresses, I’m sure they know it’s good for them! Whether you have a highperformance sports dog or simply your best friend I can’t see why anybody wouldn’t want to use this therapy. It’s simply one of the best decisions we made for our dogs and their performances are really starting to show how much happier and healthier they are. We wouldn’t be without our Back on Track gear!”

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