Solutions for small animal carpal and tarsal issues

Dogs, cats and even rabbits who have carpal or tarsal issues such as laxity, deformity or damage have options for comfortable support with THERAPAW custom made soft supports. These supports can be used throughout the rehabilitation phase with support able to be modified as the challenges change or can be worn as long term support.

THERAPAW products are made to the measurements of the animal you are working with so they fit well, provide the correct level of support and have adaptable levels of support. They can alleviate pain, improve quality of movement, improve activity levels, assist in rehabilitation or post operative environments.

Issues they are often used for include:

  • Carpal hyper extension
  • Carpal valgus or varus deformity
  • Tarsal hyper-flexion
  • Tarsal hyper-extension
  • Tarsal laxity


12yr Lab-cross with partial tear of calcaneal tendon where surgery is not an option due to her age. She was in plantigrade with abrasions on the calcaneus.

THERAPAW made her a moderately supportive soft tarsal brace with sheepskin lining and extensionassistive straps. She wears brace

comfortably throughout the day and during all activities of daily living and the brace is removed at night. She not has needed additional veterinary treatment.


2yr Border Collie – heavy boned dog but very energetic and

acrobatic. Sustained acute carpal hyperextension injury.

THERAPAW - UK made custom

carpal support for him to wear during exercise and rehabilitation work. He later returned to fun agility using a lighter carpal support initially and then progressed to needing no additional support and remained pain free and active.


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