Sherry’s Blog - Winter 2017

by Sherry Scott MBE

An industry in turmoil, what should we do? New Registers, new “gold standards”, new divisions, or is it just history repeating itself?

Whilst groups have formed to find a solution to move forward as one, sadly not all have included all the associations and training routes, therefore it seems to be divisive and not inclusive.

An “industry-led initiative” leaving behind and excluding the vast majority of the industry is a contradiction in terms. Meanwhile the other groups are both working hard behind the scenes for an all-inclusive register, to include therapists that put animals first in both study and practice. It is a work in progress, which continues apace.

‘Grand-parenting’ is the usual method of being inclusive of the current workers of an industry whilst moving the industry forward. We need to find the most sensible way to include the history of our profession and continue to improve the standards, and of course avoid the possible litigation that has in the past plagued similar progression in other industries.

Without the past there would be no future. We cannot exclude the people who made the industry what it is today. Part of being inclusive is to include the past.

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