Stewart Hastie

Sherry’s Blog - Spring 2018

In Memory of Stewart Hastie, 1922-2018

by Sherry Scott MBE

In my opinion the best Vet of his time: a tonic for those of us promoting Animal Physiotherapy or Manipulation. Stewart was ahead of his peers – indeed he learned Manipulation himself and promoted the idea of horses needing Physio. Because he rode, he knew the importance of a decent saddle, was veterinary advisor to the Society of Master Saddlers and was a keen member of the Worshipful Company of Saddlers.

We Animal Physiotherapists owe both Stewart Hastie and Peter Scott Dunn a big thank you. I recall both Stewart and his wife, Jane, together with Peter and Anne Scott Dunn coming to dinner to start an official body of Animal Therapists, compiling the best of everyone working in the field to join together and form ourselves into an Association, with Vet referral and insurance companies recognising our work. When I started we were not allowed to use the word “treatment” so I would bill customers calling my work “visits”.

Mary Bromiley and I spoke on the phone remembering Stewart – recalling his sense of humour and brilliant diagnostic powers, always keeping an open mind on what we may try, to benefit the horse. Stewart’s passing is the end of an era. I believe he had such a long life very much due to the care Jane, his wife, gave him but also his interest in the future of vet practice and animal welfare.

Let’s all look at his well-written books and drink a toast to a lovely man.