The Next Level

EARLY this year, Breezer, Crufts champion (2011), started wearing a DOG StreamZ Smart Collar. Her owner, Dawn Weaver, had retired her from competition due to a recurring injury: she thought she would never compete again. Within two weeks Breezer’s improvement in mobility, general health and energy was so marked that Dawn brought her out of retirement. Since then she has won several major events and is back to her happy best again.

So, what creates such a profound improvement?

StreamZ inventor, Eric Dodd, always believed that the potential impact of magnetic therapy was not being realized. He spent many years developing his theories and putting them into practice, striving to improve the way magnets could be used to help humans, animals and all living cells. Early studies showed his theories worked: anecdotal evidence poured in to show major improvements with a variety of health issues in people and animals.

Two years on, the StreamZ Global product range is endorsed and used daily by Olympic and World champions and leaders across the equine and canine communities.

StreamZ’ first focus was on YOU StreamZ – ankle bands for humans – and EQU StreamZ fetlock bands for horses. The results have been nothing short of spectacular! Top athletes from every area of equine sports are now using the bands to help their horses’ general recovery and a variety of equine health conditions, such as arthritis, navicular and tendon issues. They are also using the human ankle bands themselves, once again to support recovery and provide natural pain relief from aches and pains.

Almost immediately, StreamZ was inundated by demands from the equestrian community for a similar product to help their dogs. If StreamZ could make such a difference to horses, they wanted the same for all of their animals, as many of the health conditions and general wear and tear experienced by horses are just the same for dogs.

Alongside these requests was a recognition of the powerful impact of the growing ‘humanisation’ of pets, especially dogs. Owners increasingly demand alternatives to chemical solutions; alternatives that are effective, natural and avoid negative side-effects. The StreamZ technology ticks all those boxes.

And so the DOG StreamZ Smart Collar was born. Initial trials were so successful that in a short period of time the UK’s largest independent retailer for pets (Pet’s Corner) added the Collar to their portfolio. Following the same successful approach as was adopted with EQU StreamZ, informal trialling was undertaken across a wide range of canine disciplines: dog agility, rescue and rehoming charities, greyhound racing teams and working dogs.

One of those involved was the Head Coach of Team GB, Dawn Weaver, owner of the much-improved Breezer. She was so committed to the Collar and its power to help dogs everywhere that in April of this year she invited the StreamZ team to attend the IFCS World dog agility championships in the Netherlands. The full GB squad are now using the Collars and have all seen their benefit.

So what next for this exciting new technology? StreamZ have collected a vast array of personal evidence and an impressive range of endorsements. Formal trials are about to commence, using thermal imaging technology and other techniques, to demonstrate scientifically the benefits of StreamZ. The results will certainly have the potential to change what we understand about natural animal therapy.


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