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Animal therapy magazine has been created by professionals within the animal therapy industry, who all have stories to tell. We pride ourselves in the businesses we have created, either in physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, massage therapy and rehabilitation, and are passionate in sharing our work and findings to owners and competitors so they too can benefit from our findings. Animals tell us so much, if we are prepared to listen, and there is a variety of methods out there to help us work in harmony with our animals achieving results beyond expectations.


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The aim of this publication is to provide a platform for animal therapy experts to discuss and demonstrate their theories and products and give owners and competitors the right information to restore health and mobility in their animals. We are a quarterly magazine, giving our writers and advertisers the benefit of 3 months of exposure, and being a 'pick up, put down' product there is every reason to expect each copy we produce will be read multiple times. With exceptional content including case studies, product reviews, professional profiles and interviews, the magazine will not only appeal to individuals interested in animal therapy and welfare, it will provide an interesting read for any animal lover.

Where to find us : Alongside our on line and social media presence, our magazine can be found in veterinary practices, hydrotherapy clinics, groomers, pet shops, feed merchants and universities and colleges providing relevant courses.