In the beginning ... PART VI

by Sherry Scott MBE

An extract from her upcoming Biography

Animals First

Throughout history mankind and animals have worked together: we train horses, dogs and even elephants to help us. Horses were employed on farms, for transport, to go to war. We now use their abilities much more for sport and pleasure.

Dogs are used to round up sheep, guard property, retrieve game and for good company. Now we are able to use their sense of smell to detect cancer, diabetes and nut allergies. They also assist deaf and blind people to live a full and active life - truly Man’s best friend.

An industry has grown up around helping animals.

The Animal First Group train completely on animals in the same way as Veterinary Surgeons, Veterinary Nurses, Farriers, Equine Dentists and Hydrotherapists, to name but a few.

Humans walk using their legs; animals walk on their hands. You realise the difference if you lean over a low bench or chair and put your weight through your hands. Your back will feel different. Now try lifting one arm. You can feel how a lame-in-front animal tries to put weight through the body - the pulley mechanism changes. Lift one arm and it really changes; with a rider on top everything alters.

We study first and last on animals. They are our love, our passion and the reason we work in the industry.